Does innovation make Helicobacter screening easy?
The emergence in medical practice of innovative systems for the early detection of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, make it possible to obtain qualitative quantitative results, regardless of specialized centers and hospitals, by staff of the junior medical staff of the offices of general practitioners.

We developed the design of HepyScreen® (HepiScreen – Screener of Helicobacter pylori infection) and a diagnostic method, offering exactly what is required in general medical practice – the speed of obtaining the result.

A screener of gastrointestinal diseases that does not require special maintenance has appeared in your arsenal! The entire examination process is controlled simply by pressing a single button.

ZeroDrift® technology for eliminating zero offsets neutralizes the effect of ammonia from the room where the patient is located on the diagnostic result. The use of Response Renew® sensitivity recovery technology guarantees stable sensor sensitivity over the entire life cycle of 12 months!

PureSense® PureSense®’s unique Clean Measurement technology solutions will automatically clean the sensor after an examination.

The original mathematical apparatus allowed to reduce the examination time to 5 minutes. The simplicity of one-button “One-Button-Control” control combined with the text and sound support technology of the StepView® doctor-operator “step-by-step” suggests the necessary operation with the device or the patient’s action, allowing the diagnosis to be carried out by junior medical personnel .

Compact and lightweight, HappyScreen allows for screening, both in the office of a general practitioner and when examining families at home. A convenient bag for carrying the device and supplies allows you to comfortably visit the families that are part of your practice.

With HepiScreen you will increase by 3 times the number of examinations conducted by the office of a general practitioner / FAP.

Helicobacteriosis is a “family” disease. The whole family will come to “breathe”!
It is known that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 1994 officially declared Helicobacter pylori carcinogenic to humans (Group I).

HepyScreen is the only device in the world that makes it possible to control the effectiveness of therapy on the second day after the start of treatment, which reduces the cost and duration of treatment by 2-4 times.
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